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Expedia and Netflix Join Forces for Advertising Journey

Expedia Harnesses Netflix's Global Influence to Engage Worldwide Travelers

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  • Netflix’s Global Ad Venture: Netflix enters advertising, launching its first worldwide ad partnership.
  • Expansive Traveler Campaign: A new campaign begins in Japan, aiming to captivate travelers in ten countries.
  • Customized Ads by Expedia: Expedia to tailor ads to each market for a more personalized viewer experience.


The travel booking platform Expedia has announced a groundbreaking partnership with streaming giant Netflix, marking the first time Netflix has partnered with a global advertising partner. This multi-market campaign kicks off in Japan and is set to expand throughout 2024, reaching viewers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and potentially more international markets.

Partnership Takes Off:

Expedia’s foray into Netflix advertising opens up a unique opportunity to reach a highly engaged and targeted audience. With over 231 million paid memberships globally, Netflix boasts a diverse user base with a strong travel propensity. This partnership allows Expedia to showcase its travel offerings to viewers actively seeking entertainment and inspiration, potentially influencing their travel decisions.

Tailored Experiences for Global Travelers:

Recognizing the importance of cultural nuances, Expedia plans to create localized ad campaigns for each market. This approach ensures that the messaging resonates with viewers in each region, considering their unique preferences and travel styles. For example, the campaign in Japan may focus on promoting popular tourist destinations within the country, while the U.S. campaign might highlight international getaways.

Beyond Japan: Global Expansion on the Horizon:

While the partnership initially launches in Japan, it has ambitious plans for expansion. Expedia will gradually roll out localized campaigns across nine additional markets throughout 2024, reaching a wider audience of potential travelers. This multi-market approach allows Expedia to leverage the global reach of Netflix to tap into diverse travel interests and preferences.

Looking Ahead: A Strategic Alliance for Future Growth:

This collaboration between Expedia and Netflix represents a significant development in the travel and advertising industries. By leveraging the power of streaming entertainment, Expedia has the potential to reach new audiences and drive meaningful results. As the campaign expands to various markets, it will be interesting to observe how localized content resonates with viewers and contributes to Expedia’s global growth aspirations.


The historic partnership between Expedia and Netflix marks a bold new chapter for both companies. With its localized, multi-market approach, this initiative holds the potential to revolutionize how travel brands reach and engage with international audiences. As the campaign unfolds, it will be fascinating to see how this strategic alliance shapes the future of travel advertising and consumer decision-making.


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