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Google Maps Leverages Generative AI to Help You Discover Places

Local Guides in the U.S. Can Now Ask Questions and Get Personalized Place Suggestions

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  • Google Maps is using generative AI to help users discover new places.
  • Users can ask questions and get suggestions for places based on their specific needs.
  • This feature is currently rolling out to Local Guides in the U.S.

Google Maps Gets Conversational with Generative AI: Ask, and the Map Shall Answer!

Remember the days of aimlessly scrolling through endless lists of restaurants or shops on Google Maps? Those days might be numbered, thanks to a game-changing development: the integration of generative AI into the popular navigation app. This innovative feature, currently in its early stages and accessible to select Local Guides in the U.S., promises to revolutionize local exploration by understanding and responding to your specific needs in a natural, conversational way.

Imagine asking Google Maps, “Hey, I’m craving some authentic ramen tonight. Recommend a place with a cozy vibe and outdoor seating, preferably not too far from downtown.” Instead of bombarding you with a generic list, the AI-powered Maps will analyze its vast database of locations, incorporating insights from trusted Local Guides like yourself. It will then curate a selection of ramen restaurants tailored to your preferences, highlighting spots with high ratings for coziness, outdoor seating, and proximity to your location.

This personalized approach goes beyond mere suggestions. Let’s say you’re planning a family outing and ask, “Find a fun activity for kids that’s also educational and not too expensive.” Google Maps, armed with its ever-evolving understanding of local offerings, could recommend interactive museums, engaging science centers, or even historical walking tours that pique your children’s curiosity without breaking the bank.

The possibilities are as diverse as the places themselves. Whether you’re seeking a hidden gem, a unique experience, or simply a reliable option for a specific need, Google Maps’ generative AI aims to become your personalized travel concierge.

However, it’s important to remember that this feature is still in its early stages. Initial feedback from Local Guides will be crucial in refining the AI’s understanding of user intent and ensuring the quality of its recommendations. As the technology matures and expands to a wider audience, we can expect even more sophisticated interactions, potentially including follow-up questions and dynamic suggestions based on real-time information.

This development marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of search and discovery tools. By harnessing the power of generative AI, Google Maps is transforming itself from a static map app into an intelligent and interactive guide, helping us explore the world around us in a more intuitive and personalized way.


Google Maps is using generative AI to help users discover new places that meet their specific needs. This new feature, which is currently rolling out to Local Guides in the U.S., allows users to ask questions and get suggestions for places based on Google Maps’ information and user reviews. This is just the latest example of how Google is using AI to make its products more helpful and informative.


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