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Meta Cracks Down on IP Infringement with Enhanced Tools and Resources

Protecting Your Brand Online Just Got Easier

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  • Meta launches new Intellectual Property Reporting Center.
  • Brand Rights Protection receives updates to streamline infringement reporting.
  • Resources available to help businesses develop brand protection strategies.

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is taking a major step towards safeguarding businesses and brands online with the launch of a revamped Brand Rights Protection suite and a brand new Intellectual Property Reporting Center. These additions to Meta’s arsenal against online infringement make it easier than ever for businesses to identify, report, and combat unauthorized use of their intellectual property (IP).

Streamlined Reporting and Enhanced Detection

The New Version of Brand Rights Protection now resides within the convenient Meta Business Suite, where it seamlessly integrates with other essential business tools. This enhanced version boasts smarter AI-powered matching, allowing for more accurate and efficient detection of infringing content across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Businesses can now:

  • Save frequently used searches for quicker access later.
  • Conduct cross-surface searches to simultaneously scan all Meta platforms for infringing content.
  • Upload a wider range of reference files to improve the accuracy of matching.

Picture Credit: Meta

Centralized Hub for Action

The New Intellectual Property Reporting Center acts as a one-stop shop for reporting IP infringements across all Meta platforms. This user-friendly hub simplifies the reporting process, saving businesses time and effort. Additionally, the center allows businesses to:

  • Track the status of past reports for better monitoring and management of infringement cases.
  • Access helpful resources and tutorials on identifying and reporting infringement.

Picture Credit: Meta

Content Management at Scale

Updates to Rights Manager empower businesses to manage their content more effectively:

  • Automatic Blocking: Proactively block infringing content from appearing on Meta platforms.
  • Image Attribution: Gain value through image attribution when your content is used by others.

Knowledge is Power

Meta is further equipping businesses with the knowledge they need to protect their brands with the introduction of New Meta For Business Web Resources:

  • Protecting Businesses: This dedicated section offers comprehensive guides and best practices on developing a robust brand protection strategy.
  • Step-by-step instructions: Learn how to identify and report infringement efficiently.
  • Preventative tips: Discover strategies to minimize the risk of infringement in the first place.

By providing these powerful tools and valuable resources, Meta is demonstrating its commitment to fostering a safer and more secure online environment for businesses. With enhanced detection, streamlined reporting, and readily available knowledge, businesses can now confidently protect their brands and build trust with their customers.

This is just the beginning of Meta’s efforts to combat online infringement. We can expect further innovations and improvements in the future, making the online landscape even more secure for businesses of all sizes.


Picture Credit: AdobeStock_492158907

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